Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration


Business Administration is amongst the most popular qualifications in the world as it offers the greatest number of job opportunities. Put it simply, every business needs business graduates. As a DBA graduate, you can work in a wide range of executive level jobs or pursue relevant degree:-

Programme Aim

The Diploma in Business Administration is an exciting and innovative programme that provides a solid foundation in business management and offers excellent job opportunities in a variety of business disciplines or the opportunity to progress to further your studies. Upon completion of the DBA, you will be able:

  • To have a holistic understanding of the key functional areas that drive a business enterprise
  • To write good report and make excellent presentation
  • To market products and services effectively
  • To be an excellent team worker and support top management to achieve organizational goals.
  • To have a broad – based business qualification that will open many specialized career options foe you pursue

Career Opportunities

As a DBA graduate, you may undertake to do a wide range of jobs in functional areas such as Human Resources, Administration, Accounting or marketing. Types of jobs you can apply includes:-

  • HR Executive
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Administrative Executive
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Operation Executive
  • Account Officer
  • Logistic Administrator
  • Bank Officer
  • Mortgage Banker
  • Airport Executive
  • Real Estate Executive