(DBA) Doctor of Business Administration (R2/340/8/0516/0425)

(DBA) Doctor of Business Administration (R2/340/8/0516/0425)


The Binary DBA is an applied management programme designed to advance the professional development of practicing managers and professionals from diverse fields. This programme helps to develop leading edge thinking skills by providing one the opportunity to research into intellectually demanding management issues, particularly relevant to your organization or industry.

Program Aim

The aim of this programme is to equip Senior Managers and CEOs with contemporary management thinking and research skills to enable them to take their organizations to greater heights. Upon completion of this programme you will be able:-

  • To cultivate the ability to critically review findings in current management and business research.
  • To understand and apply new management knowledge to complex organizational issues.
  • To increase your awareness of professional practice in leading and managing organizations with particular emphasis an adopting entrepreneurial approaches that use creative and innovative solutions.

Areas of Research

Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Logistics Management, Finance, Innovation, Information Technology Management, Quality Management & etc.