MSc in Quality Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0861/1020)

MSc in Quality Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0861/1020)


In an era of constant innovation and technology, a modern and successful manager must continuously assess, guide and direct the quality of the products and services provided by an organization based on the needs of the consumer. As such, having in depth knowledge of the contemporary aspects of quality management is a vital contributing factor towards the success of the organization

Program Aim

The aim of this programme is to equip students with a sound understanding of total quality management, performance management and strategic quality management as well as to be aware of the tools and techniques available to implement quality initiatives.

Areas of Research

Quality Improvement, Management System Integration, Technology Integration, Supply Chain, Total Quality Management, Productivity Improvement, Innovation.

CareerĀ Opportunities

There is strong demand for business professionals with technical expertise in Quality Management processes and international standards. Graduates can look forward to rewarding careers in industries such as manufacturing, construction/engineering, education, healthcare, information technology and government services.