BA (Hons) in Business Management (R/345/6/0814/1020)

BA (Hons) in Business Management (R/345/6/0814/1020)


The business world of today offer degree graduates with a wide range of job opportunities locally, regionally and globally. Employers are constantly on the lookout for graduates who can make a difference to their organizations. If you are such a graduate, the sky is the limit for you to grow and succeed in the exciting world of business.

Programme Aim

The BA (Hons) in Business Management is specially designed programme to produce entrepreneurial managers who are Industry Specialist Professionals. Graduates will have an in depth practical knowledge of a particular industry and would acquire extensive entrepreneurial skills. Upon completion of this programme, you will be able:-

  • To “ walk and talk” the language of a specific industry
  • To evaluate and recommend industry – specific business strategies
  • To write and present excellent business proposals
  • To understand and interpret financial statements
  • To exhibit good problem solving skills and offer cost effective solutions
  • To develop a sound quality initiatives in a global context

Career Opportunities

As a BA (Hons) in Business Management graduate, you are unique in that you are among the few in the world who is an Industry Specialist Professional graduate or ISP. You can thus choose to apply for job in specific industry that you have an interest thus giving you greater job satisfaction and higher starting salaries. Types of jobs you can apply across various industries include:-

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Corporate Communication Manager
  • Operational Executive
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Bank Officer
  • Event Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Researcher
  • Administration Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Training & Development Specialist
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Advertising Manager