BA (Hons) in Marketing (R/342/4/0110/0719)

BA (Hons) in Marketing (R/342/4/0110/0719)

Every business organization, NGO and even the public sector needs to markets its services and products. Marketing career are extremely rewarding to those who possess up to date marketing knowledge and industry specific skill. A marketing degree is very useful as it can lead t5o a myriad of jobs including those in advertising, product marketing research, sales, public relations and brand management.

Programme Aim

The BA (Hons) in Marketing aims to produce Industry Specialist Professional marketers who are highly entrepreneurial. Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be able

  • To develop innovative and creative marketing strategies that will penetrate new or existing markets for their organization
  • To manage an effective sales force that delivers results
  • To organize promotional strategies that enhances the image and branding of the firm
  • To develop integrated marketing communication strategies that will offer an organization a good return on investment
  • To effectively use social media platforms and digital marketing strategies to achieve organizational goals.

Career Opportunities

  • Brand manager
  • Corporate Communication Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Advertising Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Director
  • Year 1

  • Entry Requirement

    • Entry Requirement Locked 0m