(MBA) Masters in Business Administration (R/345/7/0807)

(MBA) Masters in Business Administration (R/345/7/0807)


The MBA is a premier business qualification sought after globally. Most good MBAs in the global market either prepares you to become a functional specialist or a generalist. The Binary MBA is different, it is the World’s First Industry- Specialist MBA specially designed to address the shortage of hybrid managers who possess a sound academic foundation plus industry-specific skills. The Binary MBA has an extremely strong alumni around the world occupying respectable positions.

Program Aim

The Binary MBA aims to produce Industry – Specialist Professionals who possess in – depth practical knowledge of a specific industry. The Binary MBA also equips one with problem-solving, analytical leadership and entrepreneurial skills to not only function as an effective manager, but be able to drive their organizations to greater heights.

Career Opportunities

General Manager, High- End Management Consultant, Investment Fund Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager.