Msc In Accounting & Finance (By Research) (N/344/7/0375/0220)

Msc In Accounting & Finance (By Research) (N/344/7/0375/0220)



Whether you are in America, Asia, Africa or anywhere else in the world, the top news in major newspapers are always related to accounting and finance. Following the financial crisis, serious questions of accounting, auditing and corporate governance have become the norm. Many areas of finance have become highly sophisticated due to the transformation brought about by technological developments, the globalization of capital markets, financial engineering and changes in regulations. These changes and trends have created an increased demand for a new breed of professionals with strong analytical ability and specialist knowledge in the field of accounting and finance.

Program Aim

The MSc in Accounting and Finance is a specially designed program to equip students with the contemporary knowledge and skills to help meet the financial goals of an enterprise. The aim of the program is to equip students with essential accounting and finance capabilities including critical analysis, research as well as analytical and numerical skills. The program will provide students the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in international accounting, global financial markets, finance and investment.

Areas of Research

Alternative Accounting Standards, Insider Trading, Auditors’ Opinion Decisions, Auditing as a Socially Constructed and Influenced Process, Employee Stock Options, The Effects of Regulation on Financial Institutions’ Decisions, Investment Management, Tax Policy, Implications of social networks on the capital market, Financial accounting information, Corporate governance, Sustainability accounting and reporting.

Career Opportunities

Investment Manager Security Analysis Head, Portfolio Manager, Corporate Finance Executive Head of Corporate Restructuring, Regulation Compliance Manager, Financial Consultant & etc.