MSc in Computer Science (By Research) (N/481/7/0369)

MSc in Computer Science (By Research) (N/481/7/0369)



Computer science underpins all the technological advancements in the today’s world and impact on all aspects of our lives interactions. This program is designed to develop your expertise in an advanced area of computer science. You will acquire specialized research skills and in-depth knowledge in your chosen area of specialization which will enable you to become highly employable.

Program Aim

The aim of the MSc in Computer Science is to equip students with the advanced knowledge in computer science, and specialized research skills to succeed in the ever growing computer oriented professions. It also serves as a stepping stone towards pursing further research in computer science or related fields. The programme focuses on research and problem solving, rather than on particular programming languages or hardware platforms.

Areas of Research

Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics , Social Computing , Computer-aided design and VLSI, Interactive systems, Robotics, Computer Vision, Software systems, Gaming applications, Computer Security , System development & Evaluation, Medical Imaging and etc.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities for computer science graduates exist in programming and software development, information systems operation and management, telecommunications and networking, computer science research, web and internet, graphics and multimedia, training and support. In addition students with a Master in Computer Science can seek employment in computer systems and applications.