MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (By Research) (N/340/7/0332)

MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (By Research) (N/340/7/0332)


Entrepreneurial and innovative human capital play a pivotal role in helping business of any size to become highly competitive as well as to grow exponentially. In addition, with over 260 million people unemployed in the world today, there is a dire need to create a huge number of youth entrepreneurs in every nation who can help create new types of businesses using emerging technologies and capitalizing on new opportunities. This specialized program meets the two objectives outlined above.

Program Aim

The primary aim of this programme is to create graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset with advanced knowledge and skills necessary to assess and implement new ideas, develop entrepreneurial management practices as well as create a supportive environment that foster and enable innovation.

The secondary object is to equip students with necessary skills to conceive, create and nurture new enterprises and appreciate the vital role that innovative entrepreneurs play in our society and economy.
Area of Research

Innovative Entrepreneurs Value-Centered Innovation ,Governance and management of innovative enterprises, Strategies of commercializing technological innovation, Entrepreneurial finance, private equity industry, Start-up innovation,  Entrepreneurial accountability, New Venture Creation, Innovation process ,Innovation Thinking and etc
Career Opportunities

Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are scarce resources that are needed across various industries. Career opportunities abound for those who have in-depth knowledge and research skills in areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Graduates can work in companies that focus on research and development like information technology, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedicine. In addition graduates can work in consultancy firms, research institutions and universities or embark on a business start –up and become your own boss