MSc in Human Resource Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0738/0220)

MSc in Human Resource Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0738/0220)

Human ResourceIntroduction 

As global workforce continues to evolve and change in tandem with the demands of the 21st Century Workplace, HR functions and the roles of the HR professionals have become more complex. CEOs and C Suite executives today recognize the role played by the HR professional to the success of an organization.  HR professionals have to address new challenges that workplace which include emerging technologies, talent management as well as the presence of Gen Y and Gen X in the same organization with different demands, aspirations and ways of working.

Program aim 

The aim of this program is to equip students with contemporary knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management (HRM). It focuses on the role of HRM in human capital development with emphasis on the increasing challenges of talent management and globalization. It also address on how HR can shape a strategic and competitive advantage for the organization.

Areas of Research 

Leadership and culture, Talent recruitment, retention and development, Employee Engagement, Human Capital Management, Green HRM, Learning Organization, Managing Diversity, Change management, Performance management and etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the programme will be able to embark in a wide variety of careers in Human Resource Management which includes being a Director of HR, Talent Management Manager, HR Consultant, Training Manager, Recruitment Head and etc.