MSc in Project Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0414)

MSc in Project Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0414)

Project Management MScIntroduction

Project Management is a key skill necessary for managers and leaders to set clear objectives, create a realistic plan of action and work together with their team to see the project through to successful completion. Successful project management today involves increased demand for quality, delivery on time, strict adherence to budget and required regulatory controls , hence the sharp rise in demand globally for qualified project managers across various industries.

Program Aim

This programme empowers individuals to become more effective leaders and team members to strategically execute projects, programme and portfolios. Students will work individually and in groups, in simulated project teams and learn how to create a realistic project plan using proven tools and techniques.

Areas of Research

Quality Management for Project Managers, Trends in Project Management, Project Management Models, Leadership in Projects, Knowledge Management Projects, Project Fast-Tracking, Project Management Strategies, Planning and Control, Process Improvement Trust, Negotiating and Contracting and etc.

Career Opportunities.

Graduates of this program will have acquired specialized skills that can enhance their employment prospects in the field of project management in ICT, Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing Services as well as in the public sector where demand for the project management professionals are increasing globally. Among the jobs you may apply are Project Leaser, Program   Manager, Project Quality Manager, Risk Manager, Project Procurement Manager, Project Planner etc.