MSc in Public Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0860/1020)

MSc in Public Management (By Research) (N/345/7/0860/1020)


Public policies and Public Management around the world are revolutionized in the light of the age of information. New trends such as public expenditure rationalization, economic liberalization, public management, the globalization of economic activities and social processes are making demands on public sector management operations. Facing these challenges requires a new breed of policy makers and managers who are acquainted in local and international concerns and issues, multi-disciplinary in their approaches and multi-skilled in the discharge of duties and responsibilities.

Program Aim

The aim of this programme is to create a new generation of public practitioners armed with analytical, managerial and leadership skills to deal with changing demands affecting public organizations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Career Opportunities

Graduates will be able to contribute in various roles in the sector public, non-profit organization sector, international agencies, Public Affair relations, public interest law, multi-lateral agencies as well as CSR initiated bodies and in international relations. Graduates will be able to work in federal, state, or local government agencies creating policy, overseeing agencies, or analyzing efficiencies, non-governmental sectors and civil societies.

Areas of Research

Public Finance, Public Administration, Reform and Modernization, Project Management, Local and National Governance, Law and Public Affairs, Government in Business, Human Resource Management, E-Governance & Public-Private Partnership International Relations & etc