MSc In Tourism Management (By Research) (N/812/7/0106/0220)

MSc In Tourism Management (By Research) (N/812/7/0106/0220)


Tourism is a dynamic, continuously growing and developing industry.  The World Travel and Tourism Council states that tourism accounts for 8% of the world’s jobs and has the highest potential for growth which has been phenomenal  generating high levels of revenue and employment. The numbers of international tourist arrivals are constantly rising

Program Aim

The MSc in Tourism Management is a specific industry focused programme designed to prepare students for senior management-level careers in the Tourism Industry.  This programme is to meet the challenges through activities in strategic planning, market research, e-commerce, project management and other specific management functions which are becoming significant and demand international and intercultural approach.

Areas of Research

▪ Destinations                                   ▪   Economic Issues

▪ Tourism Planning                         ▪   Tourism Impacts

▪ Marketing                                       ▪   Tourism Trends

▪ Tourism Research Issues            ▪  Cultural Tourism    & Methods

Career Opportunities

The Tourism industry makes up a significant part of the economy, directly and indirectly providing employment to numerous individuals. From sales and marketing to guest services, accounting, maintenance, management, fitness, housekeeping, catering, entertainment or grounds management, the list of opportunities goes on:

  • General Manager
  • Conference Organizer
  • Product Manager            
  • Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Retail Travel Manager
  • Business Development  Manager   
  • Retail Travel Consultant