MSc Islamic Banking & Finance (By Research) (N/343/7/0097/0419)

MSc Islamic Banking & Finance (By Research) (N/343/7/0097/0419)


The Islamic Banking and Finance (IBF) industry has grown rapidly as more of the world’s current 1.6 billion Muslims seek investments that comply with their religious belief. Today, IBF has moved beyond borders and religions and is growing 50 per cent faster than the transitional banking sector.

Malaysia is accredited as being the global leader in Islamic Banking and Finance. As such, pursuing the MSc IBF in Malaysia would allow one to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills in IBF.

Program Aim

The MSc in Islamic Banking & Finance offers an innovative approach to acquiring contemporary knowledge in Islamic Banking & Finance. The programme aims to develop professionals in Islamic Banking and Finance by equipping them with the tools and techniques to methodologically resolve specialized issues in this field.

The programme is led by qualified practitioners of Islamic Banking and Finance as well as experienced academic researchers. Students will be able to enhance their knowledge as well as develop and gain industry experience that will give them the cutting edge in the Islamic Banking and Finance field

Areas of Research

Operational risk management in Islamic Banks, Service quality measurement in Islamic Banks, Islamic financial instruments development, Performance and efficiency of Islamic banks and Wafq, Takaful, Performance measurement of Islamic Banks, Applying AAOIFI Accounting standards in Islamic banking sector, Corporate and Shari’ah governance for Islamic banking and finance, Islamic banking and finance law, Performance of Islamic Mutual Funds, Fiqh Muamalat in Islamic Banking and Finance & etc.

Career Opportunities

Risk management, Global reconciliation, Revenue assurance, Retail banking, Liquidity management, Investment management, Shariah Governance, Islamic Finance Product development