Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (R2/340/8/0609/0426)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (R2/340/8/0609/0426)


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest research based academic degree one can earn from a University. By its very nature, a research degree is an individual pursuit. The Binary PhD is unique in that it is a milestone-based PhD, thus students are well-guided to achieve each milestone throughout their journey to successfully completing the PhD. Students will design and develop their own research strategies, pursue original lines of thought and present novel research findings. In this way, every PhD candidate will create a singular piece of work that will make a significant contribution to their personal and career development.

Programme structure. 

The normal period of study is 36 months for full time students and 48-72 for part time students. In year one, students are required to undertake a structured and intensive research training program. Its purpose is to expose the student to core research skills such as qualitative and quantitative data analysis, research design and data collection. In subsequent years of study, students undertake research in their chosen field of.  This is done with the guidance of their academic supervisor. Colloquiums, workshops and seminar are provided to assist the students throughout the program. The program is completed by submitting the final thesis for examination.

Supporting Research Centers.

  1. The Centre of Social Entrepreneurship (CSE).
  2. The Centre Advancement of Management (CAM).
  3. The Asia Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE).
  4. The Centre of Women Leadership (CWL).
  5. The ICT Centre of Excellence (ICT).