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If you are an entrepreneur (bricks & mortar, home-based or online), you should be delighted to have taken the First Step into a World where the sky is the limit. Entrepreneurs see possibilities and solutions whereas the average person only sees annoyances and problems.

To be able to tap the latent entrepreneurial talent that resides in each of one of us, there is a need to have access to specialized knowledge and skills. The Binary Global- Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) at Binary University has been designed to unleash these hidden talents and take you to the next level of success.

Program Details

The Binary Global- Entrepreneur Development Program (Global -EDP) the highest level of SUCCESS. The comprises of 4 modules namely:

❖ Managing Finance
❖ Managing International Markets
❖ Managing Technology & Innovation
❖ Managing Global Strategy

Benefits of The Global Entrepreneur Development Program

The 5 benefits of participating in the Global Entrepreneur Development Program for SME Entrepreneurs are as follows:

❖ Enhanced Financial Management Skills: Read more

❖ Global Market Expansion: Read more

❖ Technological Advancement and Innovation: Read more

❖ Strategic Planning and Execution: Read more

❖ Networking and Collaboration: Read more

Participating in this program not only enhances entrepreneurial skills but also provides a comprehensive framework for sustainable business growth, global market expansion, and strategic innovation.

Aim: The aim of the Global Entrepreneur Development Program (GEDP) is to equip SME entrepreneurs with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage finance, international markets, technology and innovation, and strategic planning. This program will enable participants to scale their businesses globally, embrace technological advancements, and develop robust strategies for sustainable growth.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply key financial management principles to ensure business profitability and sustainability.
  • Analyze and penetrate international markets, leveraging global opportunities.
  • Integrate technological innovations to enhance business operations and competitive advantage.
  • Formulate and implement strategic plans to drive business growth and success.

Program Structure:

Module 1: Managing Finance (Day 1-2)
Day 1: Financial Fundamentals

❖ Introduction to Financial Management

• Importance of financial management
• Overview of financial statements

❖ Understanding Financial Statements

• Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement
• Key financial ratios

❖ Budgeting and Forecasting

• Creating and managing budgets
• Techniques for financial forecasting

Day 2: Advanced Financial Management

❖ Cost Management and Pricing Strategies

• Types of costs
• Pricing models and strategies

❖ Financial Planning and Analysis

• Long-term financial planning
• Investment analysis

❖ Funding and Capital Management

• Sources of funding for SMEs
• Capital structure and financial risk management

Module 2: Managing International Markets (Day 3-4)
Day 3: Market Entry Strategies

❖ Introduction to International Markets

• Global market trends
• Benefits and challenges of international expansion

❖ Market Research and Analysis

• Conducting market research
• Analyzing international market opportunities

❖ Market Entry Modes

• Exporting, licensing, franchising, joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries

Day 4: Marketing and Sales Strategies

❖ International Marketing Strategies

• Adapting marketing mix for global markets
• Branding and positioning in different cultures

❖ Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation

• Understanding cultural differences
• Effective communication and negotiation techniques

❖ Legal and Regulatory Considerations

• International trade laws
• Compliance with local regulations

Module 3: Managing Technology & Innovation (Day 5-6)
Day 5: Embracing Technology

❖ Introduction to Business Technology

• Role of technology in business
• Overview of current technological trends

❖ Digital Transformation for SMEs

• Key components of digital transformation
• Implementing digital strategies

❖ E-commerce and Online Presence

• Building and optimizing an e-commerce platform
• Leveraging social media for business growth

Day 6: Fostering Innovation

❖ Innovation Management

• Understanding innovation
• Types of innovation in business

❖ Developing an Innovation Culture

• Encouraging creativity and innovation within the team
• Tools and techniques for innovation

❖ Protecting Intellectual Property

• Types of intellectual property
• Strategies for IP protection

Module 4: Managing Global Strategies (Day 7-8)
Day 7: Strategic Planning

❖ Introduction to Strategic Management

• Definition and importance of strategic management
• Strategic management process

❖ Environmental Scanning and Analysis

• PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis
• Competitive analysis

Formulating Strategies

• Corporate-level strategies
• Business-level strategies

Day 8: Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

❖ Implementing Strategies

• Translating strategies into action plans
• Resource allocation

❖ Monitoring and Evaluating Strategies

• Key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Balanced scorecard approach

❖ Case Studies and Group Discussions

• Real-world examples of strategic management
• Group discussions and presentations

This structured program aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurial success in today’s global market.

❖ The total duration of the course is 8 days spread over 4 months.

❖ Participants will complete 1 module per month, i.e., 2 Saturdays per month.

❖ Participants will attend LIVE Class (ONLINE) 2 Saturdays per month.

❖ Each class is of 3 hours duration.

❖ In the event participants missed any class, they can access the RECORDED VERSION.

❖ There are NO EXAMS.

❖ Participants will complete 1 assignment per module.

❖ Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded “The Professional Certificate in Global-Entrepreneur Development Program” by Binary University.

❖ There are 4 intakes per year.

❖ The intakes are on 18th March, 18th June, 18th September, and 18th November.

❖ The fees per participant are USD 1000.

To apply, please click the button below.

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