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” Transforming Rural Youth to become Global Talents “


ReTRA – Africa is a Global CSR program to uplift marginalised Youths of Africa by providing access to international quality education at minimal cost. ReTRA – Africa  has its antecedents in the Langkawi International Dialogue (L.I.D) which was a Congregation of African Leaders in Malaysia to establish SMART PARTNERSHIPS to promote investment , trade and education since 1997. A significant outcome of the LID education component led by Binary University was the establishment of the Binary- First Lady Scholarships and Binary Global Teaching Centers (GTCs) in several African Nations. 

ReTRA represents another phase of Binary University’s continuing engagement with Africa. The aim of ReTRA is to provide access to quality international higher education to marginalised youth in Africa where students get to enjoy 100% scholarship on tuition fees.

Retra Scholarship Fund : 100% Scholarship

The aim of ReTRA – Africa is to empower 100,000 African Youth by 2030 transforming them to become Industry Specialist Professional talents and Youth Entrepreneurs. To achive this aim, the ReTRA Scholarship Fund was established where all qualified African Youth will be provided 100% Scholarship and all tuition fees for the 4-Year Degrees, MicroDegrees and ReTRA-Skills programs are totally waived. Students only pay a small exam fees per subject.


This program is the World’s No. 1 MicroDegree Program where one can earn a Bachelor Degree through the Professional Certificate route.

High School-leavers and working adults can acquire specialized knowledge and skills in specific disciplines with globally-recognized credits (12 credits for each Professional Certificate) from Binary University in as little as 4months.

Upon completing one set of specialized skills e.g Professional Certificate in Operations Management, one may choose to move on to the next e.g Professional Certificate in Marketing Management. Each Professional Certificate is a qualification in its own right.

To earn a bachelor degree, one needs to complete 9 Professional Certificates plus the Capstone Project.

Difference Between Retra-Academic and Retra-MicroDegrees

The ReTRA-Academic is sutable for high school-leavers who wish to pursue a bachelor degree as  a Full-Time student. Such students do not wish to enter the job market until they complete the degree fully. For this reason, the ReTRA-Academic is designed to achieve academic goals.

The ReTRA-Micro-Degrees, on the other hand, is suitable for high school leavers who want to enter the Job market within 6-12month. Their top priority is to start earning quickly by acquiring Specialised Skills in the fastest duration. For his reason, the ReTRA-MicroDegree are designed to achieve the objective of arming participants with general and specialized Skills for employement purpose.

Study & Work

ReTRA- Micro Degrees is ideal for those who want to work while they’re pursuing their studies. Retra-MicroDegrees provides high-school leaver the opportunity to Study and Work within a very short time. You can acquire specialised skills in Marketing, HRM, Technology Management, Data Science etc in as quickly as 6 months, enter the job market and continue studying part-time towards the degrees.

Benefits of MicroDegrees

Study & Work: Upon completing the first 2 Professional Certificates, High School-Leavers may start working as they would have acquired specialized skills valuable to employers. High School-Leavers can continue studying part-time while working, if they wish to.

▪ Work & Study: As each Professional Certificate is a stand alone qualification,working professionals can undertake to study at their own pace while working.

▪ Cost & Budget: You can study based on your budget. You can even take break and plan when to continue studying, if you are unable to study continuously.

Fast Recognition: Every 4months, you can earn a Professional Certificate in a specialized area, which helps to keep your motivation at high levels, all the time.

▪ Value for Money: Each Professional Certificate is worth 12 Credits and can be used against a bachelor or Masters degree at Binary University.

▪ Study at Own Pace: You decide how to complete the Bachelors or Master degree as the MicroDegree provides you the flexibility of completing your studies at your own pace. (subject to maximum of 6years for bachelor and 4years for Masters degrees)

▪ Globally-Recognized: As all MicroDegrees are derived from Fully Accredited Degrees, the credits are globally-recognized.

MicroDegrees through Professional Certificates

MicroDegrees have been designed from fully accredited degrees offered by Binary University with the aim of equipping high school-leavers and working professionals with highly specialized skills that can enhance their career development and earning power. The following are the Professional Certificates series that is currently on offer leading to the BA(Hons) in Business Management and BSc(Hons) Management of Technology.

This 120-credit degree is offered via 10 Professional Certificates. Students can study for just 1,2,3 or all 10 Professional Certificates. Only those who complete all 10 Professional Certificate are eligible for the BA(Hons) in Business Management degree.

▪ Professional Certificate in General Management (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Marketing (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Operation Management (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Technology Management & Innovation (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Business & Corporate Law (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Accounting & Finance (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Strategic Management (12credits)

▪ Professional Certificate in Capstone Project (12credits)

This 120-credit degree is offered via 10 Professional Certificates. Students can study for just 1,2,3 or all 10 Professional Certificates. Only those who complete all 10 Professional Certificates are eligible for the BSc(Hons) in Management of Technology degree.

▪ Professional Certificate in General Management (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in IR 4.0 and Innovation (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Data Science (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Data Communication & Networking (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Project Management (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Technopreneurship (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Software Engineering (12 credit)

▪ Professional Certificate in Capstone Project (12 credit)


▪ Applicants who aim to earn a bachelor degree must fullfil the following entry qualification.

▪ Applicants must have completed the equivalent of Grade 12 with minimum 5 credits or minimum CGPA 2.5 or average of 50%. (In the event you are unsure if you qualify, just upload your results in the Application Form and the Admission Department will revert to you)

Applicants must be below 35 years old.


  • Application is open from 15th June 2023 and closes on 15th August 2023.
  • The next intake for 2023 is 18th September 2023.
  • Ensure you meet the minimum entry requirement
  • Click below to complete the Registration Form. (No fee need to be paid at this stage)
  • The University will send the Offer Letter to you. Upon accepting the Offer Letter, you need to pay the Exam Fee of USD380 for each Professional Certificate.
  • You will be provided a unique username and password to access online study videos, Assignments & other support materials.
  • Tuition fees: All RETRA applicants are provided 100% scholarship on Tuition fees. Each successful applicant will enjoy the Full Scholarship of USD5000 per year ie USD20000 for the 10 Professional certification program.
  • Exam Fees: All applicants must pay the exam fee of USD380 per Professional Certificate upon accepting the Offer Letter given by Binary University. Exam fees becomes payable at the beginning of each course.
  • Established in 1984, Binary University is a globally-recognised, fully accredited university by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and registered under the World Higher Education Directory, UNESCO. It is NOT an online university but a tradisional university that offers Full-time residential PhDs, Masters and Bachelor degrees supported 6 Research Centres of Excellence. The university is patronized by students from over 60 countries worldwide.

Q1.What is RETRA-Africa?

RETRA-Africa is a Global CSR program to uplift marginalized Youth of  Africa through providing access to international quality education at a very minimal  cost.

Q2.When can I apply for RETRA Africa?

You can apply anytime of the year. However you will be allowed to start your studies on the next available intake.

Q3.Can I study and work?

Yes, you can study and work or work and study as there is NO fixed time to study.

Q4.Is everyone eligible for the Full Scholarship under RETRA-Africa?

Yes, all is eligible as long as the applicant is an African from any country, meet the entry requirements, has good command of English and able to pay the exam fees of USD380 per Professional Certificate.

Q5.What is the entry requirement based on my country?

The general entry requirement is a pass in Grade 12 with minimum score of 50%. For specific entry requirements for each of the African countries, please click

Q6.What can I do if I cannot afford to pay the exam fees?

You may apply

  1. For a study loan from a local bank using our Offer Letter.
  2. To withdraw a portion of your Parents Pension Fund (if this is allowed in your country) using our Offer Letter.
  3. To apply to the following Foundations in Africa that do assist deserving African students.
  4. To apply to your Local Member of Parliamet (MP) or State Assemblyman who can then assist to get the fund from various local sources as USD950 is an insignificant amount to them.

Q7.Can I transfer to the University to study on-campus?

Yes, you can transfer to study full-time at our campus in Malaysia. If you choose to do this, you must remember that

  1. You will need to pay the Full Tuition Fees of USD5000 per year for the entire study period at the campus. You must spend at least 1 and a half years on-campus.
  2. You will need to budget about USD500 per month for accommodation, food and other expenses.
  3. You need to obtain a Valid Student Visa from the Immigration Department of Malaysia (cost approximately USD800) which the International Students Office will assist you. You must apply at least 4months before you can choose to join on-campus study.

Q8.Can I pursue a Master Degree overseas after completing the Bachelor degree under RETRA?

Yes, you can. As the degrees offered under RETRA are exactly the same (120 Credits) as that offered on-campus, you may continue your studies overseas. If you wish to pursue at Binary University, you may apply for partial scholarship under the MyBIG (MyBinary International Grant) program. (Link :

Q9.Can I continue the MicroDegree under RETRA after stopping study half-way?

Yes, you can subject to availability of places (seat) and you must do these within 24months.

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