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ReTRA-Africa [Skills]

“A Global CSR Program to Transform African Youth to Become Skilled Talents and Entrepreneurs”


Africa needs more Skilled Talents and Entrepreneurs, not just university graduates.

ReTRA –Africa [Skills] is a Global CSR program to uplift marginalised Youths of Africa by providing access to international quality Technical and Entrepreneurship skills at a minimal cost. ReTRA–Africa [Skills] has its antecedents in the Langkawi International Dialogue (L.I.D) which was a Congregation of African Leaders in Malaysia to establish SMART PARTNERSHIPS to promote investment, trade and education since 1997. A significant outcome of the LID education component led by Binary University was the establishment of the Binary- First Lady Scholarships and Binary Global Teaching Centers (GTCs) in several African Nations. 

ReTRA-Africa [Skills] represents another phase of Binary University’s continuing engagement with Africa. The aim of ReTRA-Africa [Skills] is to provide access to international quality education and skills to marginalised Youth in Africa where students get to enjoy 100% scholarship on tuition fees.

Retra Scholarship Fund : 100% Scholarship to Support SDG 4 for Africa

The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted in 2015 by all countries of the United Nations. SDG4 emphasises the need to provide inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Target 4.4 of the SDG4 aims to increase the number of people with relevant skills for financial success. By 2030, to substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

The goal of ReTRA-Africa [Skills] is to empower 2,000,000 African Youth by 2030 transforming them to become Skilled Professional and Youth Entrepreneurs. To achieve this aim, the ReTRA Scholarship Fund was established where all qualified African Youth will be provided 100% Scholarship and all tuition fees for the ReTRA-Skills programs are totally waived. Students only pay a minimal registration fee to acquire cutting-egde skills to transform their future.

Unemployment among Youth globally has become a serious problem and unfortunately this phenomena is rampant in most countries in Africa.

Global surveys from numerous highly reputable sources reveal that in 2023, the most sought after skilled human resources internationally are those who can enhance the efficiency of a company, those can reach out to new customers and those who can help retain existing clients of an organisation. As such, having skills in any of these 3 broad areas will make you highly employable as well as provide you the opportunity to work anywhere around the world as long as the skills are Certified by a globally recognised institution.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any nation. If you are ambitious, transform your Skills into an Entrepreneurial venture. Become self employed as the Entrepreneuship route is one of the best ways to achieve greatest financial success.

The ReTRA-Africa [Skills] Program provide both the opportunity to become a highly employable talent (intrapreneurs) or self employed entrepreneurs. Each ReTRA- Africa [Skills] Program combines General Skills, Technical or Functional Skills with Entrepreneurship Skills. Retra-Africa [Skills] is unique in that it recognizes that some may be ready to be an Entrepreneur today but others may want to start as an employee now and graduate to become the Boss in the future.

The world renowned Industry Specialist Professional or ISP Centre of Excellence @  Binary University was established in 1989 and comprises of  1280 Faculty of Industry Professionals (FIPs) and over 10500 employers globally. The aim of the  ISP Centre of Excellence is to enhance the employability of Youth by equipping them with up-to-date job-specific or industry specific skills. The FIPs and Employers are instrumental in providing input for the development of all ReTRA-Skills programs. All programs under the development of all ReTRA-Skills have been developed by the ISP Centre of Excellence to ensure it meets international standards.

Established in 2004, the Asia Centre for Entrepreneurship at Binary University is one of the world’s leading centres for creating Innovative and Creative Entrepreneurs, using the 5-STEP Binary Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (BEE) Model. Over the last 20years, The ACE has transformed thousands of Youth to become successful entrepreneurs. The ACE Centre Of Excellence offers a unique model of creating Youth Entrepreneurs by linking knowledge and practical skills in Entrepreneurship with Real Business Opportunities offered by successful entrepreneurs in our ecosystems.


It is best to choose a course in an area where you have a passion or special interest in.This way,you can slowly build your expertise over time. As each program is no more than 3 months. It is easy to complete successfully and master the skills with practice.There are NO Exams. You just need to complete assignments and mini projects. The following are the courses available for you based on the 3 broad areas explained earlier.

Duration : 

  • All courses are of 3 months duration 

  • Classes will be 3 times per week (1.5hours per class)

  • A total of 36 lessons will be offered for each certificate course.

  • All classes will be delivered using the world-renowned Binary-RTC Mode (Real Time Class) according to your time zone.
  • Under the Binary-RTC mode, all classes will be delivered LIVE with a Real Expert coaching you directly and transferring the relevant SKILLS in real time.
  • In the event, you missed any classes you can still follow the Recorded Version which will be stored in our portal.
  • Category A : November 2023 | Jan 2024
  • Category B : January 2024 | March 2024
  • The total fees for each courses is USD2270 comprising of USD270 (Registration fees) and USD2000 (Tuition fees).
  • Students DO NOT need to pay the USD2000 tuition fees as all ReTRA applicants from Africa are eligible for FULL SCHOLARSHIP.
  • Students only need to pay the registration fee of USD270.
  • Upon receiving your application, an Offer Letter will be issued stating the Next Intake date available for you to start your chosen course.
  • The registration fee of USD270 need to be paid to the Bank A/C of  “Binary University Sdn Bhd” via Flywire.
  • The details of how to make the payment will be explained in the Offer Letter.
  • All ReTRA-Africa [Skills] courses are assessed based on 100% Assignments and mini projects.
  • Upon successful completion of your course, you will be awarded Dual Certificates, a Certificate of Achievement by the ISP Centre of Excellence for the  General Skills & Technical/Functional skills component and an ACE Certificate from the Asia Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) for the Entrepreneurship Skills component.
  • The ISP Centre of Excellence Certificate is to assist you in getting a job whereas the  ACE Certificate in Entrepreneurship is to help you secure start -up capital or loans from funding agencies.

Q1. Is everyone eligible for the USD2000 scholarship?

Answer : Yes,provided you are a citizen of any African Nations.

Q2. Can I pay in instalments?

Answer : No, instalment payments are not allowed.

Q3. Can I stop for a period and then continue my studies later?

Answer : Yes, you can. You need to make a written request stating the reason. Upon approval, you can defer you study.

Q4. Is there any way I get financial assistance to pay the USD270 Registration fees?

Answer : You may apply to the various Foundation or Philanthropist in Africa eg ELMA Foundation, Ibrahim MO Foundations &