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Certified Academic Researcher (CARE) Program

“Route to Become an Associate Professor”


The heart and soul of a great education system are its teachers. Teachers transform the knowledge in textbooks to life through their engaging lessons and inspire students to achieve their full potential. Countries that have topped the charts in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Study has consciously  invested in enhancing the calibre of teachers who in turn are empowered to continuously improve the performance of schools and their students.

While it is expected that teachers would have undergone a formal Teachers Training Program (TTP) before embarking on a career in teaching, most TTPs often do not equip teachers to become world-class educators. To be a world-class educator, teachers have to be prolific researchers. Through research, teachers can enhance their potential as well as adopt creative and innovative ways to teach, inspire and engage with their students. The CARE Program was developed to meet this vacuum.


The aim of this course is to transform school teachers into world-class educators by equipping participants with advanced knowledge of research methodologies and analytic techniques to empower them to carry out impactful research and publish in internationally recognized journals. This course also provide the opportunity for school teachers to become Associate Professor through our Academic Mentorship Program through the Centre for Teaching & Reseacher (CTR).

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able

  • To identify the essentials of good research design and advanced knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
  • To choose and apply appropriate techniques for the analysis and interpretation of data.
  • To apply key statistical concepts and use appropriate statistical package effectively.
  • To Identify, evaluate and critically appraise research evidence.
  • To carry out, interpret and disseminate results from appropriate data analysis.
  • To critically evaluate research articles and methods.
  • To write and publish articles in globally recognized international journals.
  • To transform from a good teacher to a professional researcher in 3 months.
  • To achieve the status of a true world-class educator by publishing in leading global journals within 24 months.
  • To become an Assistant Professor in 12 months1 and Associate Professor in the next 24 months2 through CTR@Binary University.

This course is specially designed for teachers at International Schools who aspire to become world-class educators.

This course will be delivered

  • Via Real Time Classes (Zoom).
  • Over 12 classes of 2 hours each.
  • On every Saturdays for 3 months.

Upon complete of the Certified Academic Researcher Program, participants can choose do any one of the 3 steps

{Chart Here}

► Month 1: Research Design Stage

  • Background of research
  • Articulating a problem statement for research
  • Developing research objectives, questions and hypothesis
  • Research design: quantitative and qualitative methods

► Month 2:  Research Implementation Stage

  •  Literature survey Vs Literature review
  • Conceptualizing theoretical, conceptual and research
  • framework
  • Unit of analysis, sample frame and size
  • Developing a questionnaire

► Month 3: Research Findings Analysis Stage

  • SPSS skills
  • Data entry and interpretation through SPSS
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Experimental and Correlational Designs
  • Project: Publishing in an international journal through assistance of Binary University’s Professors

Normal Fees : US$2,500   

Special Fees : US$1800

(Inclusive of first international publication)     

Note:   1 and 2 Terms and condition applies based on H and i Index performance set by Binary University

Next Course : 25th March 2023