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“To be a Premier University for Management & Entrepreneurship education in Asia”

Our Mission

To achieve the highest international standards in Management and Entrepreneurship education with IT cutting across all disciplines.

To mould world-class hybrid managers and entrepreneurs using our unique ISP formula.

Educational Goals

To enhance student learning

Students have the opportunity to participate in a learning environment characterized by interactions with academic staff who place high value on teaching. The University provides a distinctive, student-centered learning experience which is highly competitive as a result of its intellectual coherence, rigor and engagement of students with faculty in the process of inquiry and discovery. The university provides access to all its academic programmes to students from diverse background based on merit.

The development and enhancement of the inner potential of individuals (intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual and leadership quality) is given utmost priority.

To be committed to continuous knowledge development through research

The University continues to invest strategically in research, scholarships and creative expressions that are the heart of our academic institution. Quality research, both within and across disciplinary boundaries, advances the disciplines, and enables the university to be responsive to social needs. In order to advance the quality of its programmes the university always focuses its allocation of resources on distinctive research of current and emerging strength.

To promote internationalization and attain international reputation

The University has developed global perspectives and connections by expanding student and staff experiences, academic collaborations and other linkages abroad, thus enhancing  its position as an institution with good international reputation, stressing the benefits this brings both to the whole university community and to the nation.

To delight employers by producing graduates who are Industry Specialist Professionals (ISP)

Using the Intellectual Property that the University has developed for specific industries over the last 15 years, and the strong links forged between academia and industry, the Binary helps differentiate its graduates by molding them to become Industry Specialist Professionals (ISPs). In pursuing this goal, students are required to acquire industry-specific hands-on knowledge and skills so that they will be able to walk and talk the language of the industry. Students are also encouraged to foster independent thinking, free from the influence of others. Intellectual independence is thus our second educational goal. Our third objective is the development of students’ creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation are vital for individual betterment during one’s lifetime, and are abilities that Binary University strives to cultivate in all  its students.

To be a socially responsible, ethical and accountable University

The University continually strives to be a well managed and governed institution, making efficient and effective use of its funding to meet the needs and expectations of students, staffs and other stakeholders by:-

  1. Being a fair and caring employer providing equal opportunities for all.
  2. Enhancing quality management that is effective, efficient and client-friendly.
  3. Developing and creating excellent human resources, and providing a conducive environment for them to enjoy their work.

To strengthen community interaction and service

The University serves the community by promoting and contributing to intellectual discourse, and by making the output from its research (publications) available for the benefit of the community. The University distinguishes itself as an institution that cooperates with public and private organizations through study, consultation, advice and involvement in selected issues such as social entrepreneurship, women leadership and the 1-Malaysia concept. The University has created the mechanism to support internal flexibility and collaboration, to mobilize its capabilities to address key societal issues and problems. Community services at the local, national and international level are integral part of research, teaching and learning. The University is committed to attending to community through research and service, to prepare students for the global community and to foster friendship in a community of diversity.

To enhance professional training and lifelong learning

The University is a provider of professional development activities and supports a broad range of lifelong learning opportunities using innovative approaches. The University makes strategic investments necessary, to ensure that all its graduates and its professional programmes, are academically distinguished and are productive for professional careers.