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Certificate Course In Forensic Accounting


While forensic accounting, fraud auditing and control are not new concepts, they are becoming increasingly important in today’s business arena. We constantly hear about fraud cases and accounting schemes committed by corporations and individuals in the global business world, thus the demand for knowledgeable talent in this area is ever increasing.

Course Objectives

This 1- day Certificate in Forensic Accounting helps to lay a basic foundation to compliment your current core skills, empowering you to build an outstanding career in your chosen field.  

The course takes participants from the theory and concept of creative to forensic accounting to its implementation and practice. It gives the necessary tools to help students to add value to their organizations by being able to identify areas of creative accounting practices and examining fraud controls and applying forensic accounting measures.

Along with an overview of contemporary fraud and its origins, candidates explore the activities/behaviours of fraudsters and the effects of their actions.  A series of effective fraud detection strategies will be examined along with evidence gathering techniques and ultimately how to plan, implement and successfully prove a case.

About Binary University

Established in 1984, Binary Business School (BBS) has been offering twinning programs with British, American and Australian universities for more than 20 years before it was upgraded to a University. Through these global partnerships with leading universities, BBS was able to adopt best practices in international education, global benchmarks, quality assurance systems and curriculum development.

In 2004, BBS was upgraded to a University College having met the criteria of academic excellence as set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Thus, BUC became the First Entrepreneurship University in Malaysia. From 2004 onwards, the team at Binary University College focussed on enhancing its Research by establishing 5 Centres of Excellence that supported the Vision and Mission of the University.

By 2012, Binary University College had attained numerous accolades in Research and was upgraded to a full-fledged university called Binary University of Management & Entrepreneurship (BUME), a specialist University for Management, IT and Entrepreneurship education. The University offers PhD, DBA, Masters and Bachelor degrees and is patronised by students from over 60 countries.The University’s focus is in producing talents who are Highly Employable Intrapreneurs (ISPs) and to create Youth Entrepreneurs who are Job-creators.

Upon completion of the day long course the participants should be able

  • To understand the concepts of fraud and corruption and how they affect the running of departments and the governments?
  • To recognise the areas within an organisation that are most vulnerable to fraud
  • To apply fraud prevention best practices to minimise the risk to the department
  • To apply fraud prevention best practices to minimise the risk to the department
  • To investigate the techniques and tools required to support an investigation in a computerised environment

Element 1 – Introduction to Forensic Accounting

The introductory begins by outlining the contemporary forensic accounting profession, incorporating an overview of fraud and its recent history/evolution.  Along with an exploration of the duties and responsibilities of the forensic accountant, candidates explore the basics of the fraud investigation process.

Group Exercise with Video Presentation

Element 2 – The Fraudster

The next element sets out to familiarise candidates with the behaviours, habits and exploits of fraudsters at a variety of levels. From high-level criminal fraud to much lower-level business-specific misdealing, candidates explore how fraud affects both its victims directly and modern society in general.

Group Exercise with Video Presentation

Element 3 – Fraud Detecting Techniques

The third element focuses more specifically on a series of effective fraud detecting techniques, incorporating an overview of essential risk assessment strategies and how to identify common signs of fraud.  A variety of fraud risk factors are introduced, along with revenue monitoring/analysis.

Group Exercise with Video Presentation

Element 4 – Case Investigation Procedure

The final element focuses to case investigation, guiding candidates through the most important stages in preparing and implementing cases following initial detection/suspicion of fraud.  Additional subtopics covered include effective goal setting, professional intelligence gathering methods and crucial case evaluation considerations.

Group Case Solving with Role Play

The course is designed for the students in the field of business, commerce, computer science, finance and accounting at undergraduate and post graduate level seeking to enhance their graduate employability and career development.

1 -Day Course (8.30 am – 5.30 pm)    

Real Time Class (Live Lecture).

INR 5950/-  per participant.

Certificate of Achievement in Forensic Accounting will be provided by Binary University of Management & Entrepreneurship.

This course is developed by industry and academic professionals at Binary Graduate School and duly approved by the Quality Assurance Department, Binary University. 

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