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About BEE

Established in 1992, the Binary Executive Education Centre or BEE offers CEOs, Senior Managers, and Working Professionals the opportunity to undertake contemporary Executive Education Programs at the reasonable cost.

Welcome to Binary Executive Education Centre, where we believe in the transformative power of lifelong learning for executives and professionals. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for continuous education and professional development has never been more crucial.

Our aim is simple yet profound: to serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth among executives at all stages of their careers. Whether you are an experienced senior executive looking to refine your leadership capabilities or a rising manager eager to expand your strategic acumen, the BEE offers a diverse range of educational opportunities tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Our programs are designed and delivered by industry experts and thought leaders who bring real-world experience and cutting-edge insights to the classroom, ensuring that you receive practical, actionable knowledge that you can immediately apply to your work.

Elevate Your Career. Pursue  any one of the world-class programs delivered by the global faculty from the BEE.

❖ Post Doctoral Certificate Programs

❖ Advanced Management Programs

❖ Professional Certificate Programs

Customized Learning Experiences: Our center offers customizable programs that can be tailored to address the unique challenges and objectives of your organization. Whether you prefer on-site workshops, virtual seminars, or blended learning solutions, we can design a program that fits your schedule and requirements.

Access to Top Faculty and Industry Experts: We collaborate with leading faculty members, industry practitioners, and subject matter experts to deliver innovative and impactful learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best minds in business and gain valuable insights from their expertise and research.

Networking Opportunities: In addition to enriching educational content, our programs provide ample opportunities for networking and collaboration with fellow executives globally from diverse industries and backgrounds. Build relationships, exchange ideas, and expand your professional network in a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

Measurable Impact: We believe in the importance of measuring the impact of our programs on participants’ knowledge, skills, and performance. Through pre- and post-program assessments, feedback surveys, and follow-up evaluations, we track your progress and ensure that our programs deliver tangible results that drive value for you and your organization.

At the BEE Centre, we are dedicated to empowering executives to reach their full potential, seize new opportunities, and lead with confidence in an ever-changing business environment. Join us on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation, and unlock the keys to enduring success in your career and beyond.

A Post-Doctoral Certificate (PDC) is a professional development  course of study taken after one has completed his/her doctorate. The post-doctoral certificate provides the opportunity for one to add concentrated knowledge and skills in a focused area of study outside of one’s initial doctoral degree. The following are PDC programs offered in 2024.

PDC in AI : Business Strategies & Applications

PDC in ESG : Sustainable Strategies for A Better Tomorrow

Entry Qualification: Applicants must possess a recognised PhD/ Doctorate eg DBA,DSc,DEd for entry into any of our PDC programs.

The AMP is a professional development program for Managers and Senior Executive who wish to acquire specialised knowledge and practical-oriented skills that can enchance their career development and to climb the corporate ladder faster. The BEE offers 5 Advanced Management Programs as follows.

AMP in Leadership
AMP in Entrepreneurship
AMP in Forensic Accounting

Entry Qualification : Managers and Senior Executives with over 3years professional experience can join any one of the Advanced Management Program (AMP). (Details of the AMP will be sent to you upon receiving your completed enquiry form.)

The aim of the Professional Certificate Program is to upskill working professionals with job-specific skills leading to higher efficiency and productivity in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Among the programs offered under the Professional Certificate series are as follows

❖ Professional Certificate in Forensic Accounting

❖ Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

❖ Professional Certificate in Business Analytics

❖ Professional Certificate in Cyber Security

❖ Professional Certificate in Finance for Engineers & Technical Professional

❖ Professional Certificate in Business Transformation

Customised Programs for Corporate Clients : The BEE also offers tailor-made programs for the corporate sector. Kindly make a special request ( Customised Programs) in the message section of the Enquiry form.

The following are 5 benefits of completing the PDC , AMP & PCP programs

❖ Can assist you in your career development with the new expertise acquired.

❖ Can further enhance the work you do in your current job.

❖ Provides access to world-class experts as both programs are taught by expert faculty who have real-world experiences.

❖ Can be completed 100% online,thus not requiring you to leave your job nor your family.

❖ Can complete the program in just 8 weeks

The following are details for both PDC , AMP & PCP

Duration : 8 weeks (4hrs p/week)

Total Hours : 32 Hours

Intake Date : 25th May 2024

Closing Date : 30th April 2024

❖ The normal fees for all the PDC, AMP & PCP is USD 1900.

❖ Effective from 3rd April 2024, PDC, AMP & PCP programs have been approved by the Senate to enjoy the MyBinary International Grant (MyBIG) which provides a 50% subsidy on the normal fees. The net fee payable for PDC, AMP & PCP programs after MyBIG is USD 995 per person.

❖ Click the “Apply” Button below and send your completed application form.

❖ Only upon receiving the Acceptance Letter from the Binary Executive Education Centre, you will need to settle the fees.